Worlds and Characters

“When I first started you would pitch a story because without a good story, you didn’t really have a film. Later, once sequels started to take off, you pitched a character because a good character could support multiple stories. and now, you pitch a world because a world can support multiple characters and multiple stories across multiple media.” - (Jenkins, 2009)

​What makes a story great, memorable and immersive? Whilst plot is vital it will fall short if your worlds and characters aren't engaging or if they fail to draw the audience in. A brilliant plot with a poorly written or acted main character will fail utterly.

This series of blog post entitled 'Worlds and Characters' looks at how to present, write and develop characters in your stories in an engaging way and also looks at why this is important. We will also discuss conventions and theories that relate to this subject and how they can be implemented to assist in good world and character building.

During the course of investigating this topic we will move towards eventually constructing an example world and a character or two as examples of the practice. So stay tuned; subscribe, hit the RSS button or favourite the page to join me in looking at world building and character development over the coming months.



  • Jenkins, H. (2009) Revenge of the Origami Unicorn: The Remaining Four Principles of Transmedia Storytelling. Available at: (Accessed: 6 October 2016)

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