360° Test Project Part 4 - Final Videos

In previous posts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) I discussed briefly what goes into making a 360° video. The considerations of camera choice, and why this differs to camera considerations for traditional film, the issues presented by audio and some of the tools needed to get around this and produce an immersive experience. And also the idea behind 360° stagecraft, some of the challenges it brings, and some of the ways to get around those. All of this, and more, because I far from covered all of the pitfalls and problems, came together, along with a lot of hard work from a carpenter friend of mine, to produce two 360° live action short films. They are designed to make the viewer feel like they want to know more about where they are, but cannot move or interact to help, explorer, or uncover anything about their environment. (They are best viewed with headphones or at least a stereo speaker set up)

The Workshop - Poor Frank

The Garage - Will Zoltar be there when they return?

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